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I'm KCMicheal,



A grade and nursery school based in Enugu,Nigeria. First paperless elementary school in West Africa.


A research center based in Enugu, Nigeria that deals in educational development for schools through tech ,coding and implementation of innovative ways of teaching and learning.


A Real Estate company website where lands, properties are being sold and rented. Located in Enugu, Imo & Lagos.


A real time and fast chat room application created using React on the front-end and node.js, express & socket.io on the backend deployed on both heroku and netlify


A food ordering website for a caterer in Enugu. Engaging, fast and built in less than a week


An Advice app created with React and advice.com API

About Me

Hi, I'm Kenechukwu.
you can call me Kc, I'm more of a Front-end developer, hailing from Enugu, Nigeria. I love coding and making good websites.I love challenges and have set a goal that by the end of the year to be a FullStack Dev. I work with organizations like Skyline Innovation & Research Center(SIRC) & AfricaCodeWeek for three years teaching kids and older people how to code. I love listening to music, rapping(yes,i rap :D ), watching movies and reading up on the latest tech development. Contact me to get a quality site at an affordable rate.

Noob Section

Are you new to coding?

Are you new to the concept "coding"?, Did you decide to have a career change and pursue programming?, Do you want to start making websites?, Do you want to learn on your mobile phone while on the go??, KCM is here to help!. I too was where you are currently but decided to take control of my life and make a change. Below are some projects i have done and also some starter apps and books(credits to Greg Sidelniko) to learn about web development. Make sure to reach out to me in the contact section of this page for more questions and advice as you start your journey. Also check on my blog for all your needed articles and news

Applications needed for HTML5 and CSS3

Text Editor for Laptops/Desktops: Download Notepad++ or Sublime Text for both/either 32bit & 64bit systems

Text Editor for Android: Download TrebEdit or Acode

Text Editor for iOS: Download TextCode

Coding Communities/Free coding courses, apps for Android: Sololearn, Programming Hub, Dcoder & FreeCodeCamp

Coding Communities/Free coding courses, apps for iOS: Sololearn, Programming Hub, Dcoder & FreeCodeCamp

E-Books for Programming Languages

Beginner's Guide to Coding by Skillcrush:
A necessary book to have and read before starting your journey on coding. Download here.

HTML Intuitive Guide 1 by Greg Sidelniko(@js_tut):
Everything to know about HTML, SASS & CSS. Download here.

CSS Visiual Dictionary by Greg Sidelniko(@js_tut):
Everything plus projects in CSS. Download here

Javascript Grammar and Javascript Grammar dark mode by Greg Sidelniko:
a very great book to learning javascript in full details. Download here and here respectively.

WebGL by Greg Sidelniko(@js_tut):
Everything about webGL. Download here.

NodeJs by Greg Sidelniko(@js_tut):
Be a master with NodeJs. Download here.

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